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The Biel-Bienne Jazz & ImproOrchestra’s performances are always great fun. Sometimes swirling, sometimes poetic, a dance which captivates the public from the first beat.

This is particularly true of the current programme by the ensemble of eleven. It’s called the “Dervish-Suite“ and was composed by the founder of BBJIO, Daniel Erismann. The versatile jazz-trumpeter from Biel calls his work a Slavic-folkloric jazz-suite and has been, inter alia, also inspired by Balkan music.

The “Dervish-Suite“ carries musicians and the public off on a journey between yearning east European melodies and propulsive playful rhythms. Compositions like the “Dervish-Suite“ provides the BBJIO the basics for it’s musical take-offs, because the improvisational parts that are tailored for the members of the orchestra, bring the various musical personalities to shine.

Premiere at UFO .